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your place for print

We know print. We know Cessnock. And we know local business because we’ve been part of the Hunter business scene since 2001. We promise to always give you the best advice, the best quality and service and the very best care that we possibly can.
So if it is printing you’re after you’ve come to the right place… the Cessnock Print Place.
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corporate printing when you need it

First we take time to understand the nature of your needs. Then our comprehensive suite of printing and finishing equipment, glides into warp drive and – you get a beautiful quality finished job exactly when and how you need it.
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people dealing with people

We service businesses large and small. And we also take care of the little jobs – the rapid response, fast-turnaround jobs; the short runs; the quirky; the personal and the mass market. We love them all and give them all the same amount of care.

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